How to nail your #homecafe vibe and win some prizes!

Another year, another lockdown. We can’t deny that being stuck at home is no fun (although necessary) so we’ve organised a challenge to create some excitement for our community this FMCO!  

Since we’ve been encouraged to stay home more, we’ve been noticing a trend of Malaysians setting up café-like vibes at home.
If 2020 is the year of #dalgonacoffee, 2021 is the year of #homecafe! So, once the government announced the SOPs for FMCO, we got to work!

Introducing the #homecafechallenge! 
Step 1 – Create a home café scene with food and drinks you’ve ordered from your local cafes or bakers/brewers
Step 2 – Take an insta-worthy photo or video 
Step 3 – Post it on your Instagram profile with the hashtag #homecafechallenge and tag @cafeculturemy (make sure your profile is public to qualify) 
Step 4 – Check our winner announcements to see if you’ve won the challenge for the week!  

You’ll stand a chance to win prizes from Bröom Artisan Bakery, y ē w y è w, fēst, Oh Cha Matcha, Drift Coffee, Three Guys, Icon Brewings, Ground Coffee, and kaka studio.

To get you started, we’ve spoken to a few Instagrammers from our community, @yvonnesoo, @kevin.voon, @smashpop, @t.w.k._, and @_carmenyong_ who have been killing their #homecafe vibes for some tips! 

The basics

First, you’ll need to prepare a few essential items to set up the scene. 

@yvonnesoo –  I will find a corner that has natural lighting. I prefer to have white background and a tablecloth (for non-flatlay) and glass and ceramic plates with minimal design.

@smashpop – Most important is a window with natural lighting. Followed by a table, plates, bowls, cutleries and some plants.

@_carmenyong_ – Ceramic plates (either plain or with floral designs, depending on the mood or style that you are trying to achieve), cute glassware and mugs, wooden or rattan coasters (my current favourite).

@kevin.voon – I prefer using ceramics and wooden plates depending on the overall scene like the type of food.

@t.w.k._ – My favourite elements for a home café scene are aesthetically pleasing glassware & wooden plates.

Optional props

If you want to bring it up a notch, here are some additional props you can include.  

@t.w.k._ – For me, I do love cute vases with some flowers to enhance the aesthetic vibes of your home corner

@kevin.voon – Vase, dried or fresh flowers, coasters, mirrors or even lightings are optional but can be added to fill the frame

@yvonnesoo – Add some decorative postcards, books or magazines, flowers/leaves, mirror, trays/serving board, wax candles, and decorative vase.

@_carmenyong_ – I like to add potted plants or flowers to set the mood, table cloth of different colours or designs (Korean-inspo checkered design, lacey, creamy cloth with frills for that countryish feels), wooden trays, featured wall with photos or quotes, drip coffee makers made of glass and wooden element (this really help to elevate the home cafe experience), and carpet or rugs for that cozy vibe

@smashpop – Random things that make the photo look unique. Can be a retro camera, polaroid, photo frame, newspaper, magazines or books. A hand would help too. It gives life to the photo.

Where to get props? 

@smashpop – Online! All the online stores have everything you need. Sometimes I do walk in to Daiso, Kaison and MR.DIY.

@_carmenyong_ – Taobao, Shopee, or IKEA. and Hario for some coffee accessories. 

@t.w.k._ – One of my fav online shops – Taobao 😂

@yvonnesoo – Glass or ceramic tablewares I prefer to buy locally or inside the mall because it’s fragile. Small props I just get it on Shopee. 

@kevin.voon – Shopee and Lazada

Also check out these cute, pretty props from @kakastudio.my, one of our #homecafechallenge sponsors! 

Insta-worthy photography tips

When it’s time to take the instafamous shot, these experts have some useful pointers! 

@yvonnesoo – Style using minimal props for unnecessary clutter. Work within a color scheme. Use hands in frame for the human element.
Usually, I will first decide which type of scene or mood I plan to shoot – flatlay or on the table. I prefer Korean or Japanese vibes cafe, so my home cafe direction mostly is towards that feel when I do my styling. 

@_carmenyong_ – Try to shoot near windows or spots which have ample natural lighting.
Balance your props on different sides of your composition and experiment with different angles. Every angle presents a different opportunity for a great photo, so keep shuffling your props and try them all till you create a photo you love.
Think of the mood you are trying to set or the vibes you are trying to go for. Some prefer their photos slightly darker with dramatic lighting whereas some are looking for bright or minimalist vibes but what’s great is there isn’t a wrong way to do it. 😊
Edit your photos to get the tones you desire by using Lightroom, Snapseed, or even Meitu!

@kevin.voon –  Always shoot in vertical to take advantage of the IG image ratio, and edit using Lightroom or your favourite filters. 

@smashpop – Take flatlay or 45 degree angle of food on table. Try to use portrait mode if you are not taking flatlay. Editing is important so make sure you touch up, clean up, and apply suitable filters.

@t.w.k._ – One of the tips to ensure your feed’s consistency is to know which style you’re good at.  For example – I love doing flatlay because I know I enjoy styling it.
If you’re a flatlay person , keep on exploring how to align the props with the object well and trust me your feed is gonna be amazing. Do more , explore more and do it consistently 🙂

Now it’s your turn!

Show us your #homecafechallenge shot on Instagram and stand a chance to win one of these prizes from our sponsors weekly! 

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Drip Bag (Brazil + Indonesia Blend) x 4
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Iced Black Lychee (Coffee)

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Check out @cafeculturemy on Instagram or browse through www.cafeculture.my to find cafes near you and what they have to offer for your home café shots!

Read the Terms & Conditions before joining: 

Café Culture Malaysia #homecafechallenge Terms & Conditions 

  1. Open to residents in Klang Valley only
  2. Challenge runs from June 14 – July 18
  3. 2 winners will be selected each week on the following Monday
  4. Winners will be announced on our Instagram Story 
  5. Each winner will randomly be selected to receive products from one of our sponsors 
  6. Prizes given cannot be exchanged for other items or cash/credit 
  7. All decisions are final 
  8. Organiser reserves the right to change details of the challenge without prior notice. Please stay updated via @cafeculturemy on Instagram

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