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Challenge yourself with MONIN’s #HomeMix Creativity Contest

If there is any good that has come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is the rise of creative expression through various art forms all across the world. Most of us have now improved our skills in photography, videography, art, music, cooking, baking, brewing coffee, fermenting kombucha, or more!

MONIN wants to take this opportunity to empower professionals and consumers to create creative and unique beverage recipes in the comforts of your home through their #HomeMix Creativity Contest. If you’ve been making your own drinks at home in the past 2 years, this is your chance to shine and bring home cash prizes and goodies worth up to RM2,500!

If you’re not 100% confident with your mixing skills yet, fret not, MONIN will be providing a Masterclass for their final 16 participants where you’ll learn how to mix and create your own unique recipes with demonstrations by the experts! All you need to do is apply to be a participant here.

Contest Details

Date : 1 October – 15 November 2021
Platform : Instagram
Registration :

Sample Contest Entries

For more photo/video examples, visit MONIN’s Instagram Page on @monin_asia

Copywriting example:

Uniquely crafted for the MONIN #HomeMix Creativity Contest! Here’s my take on a classic
beverage The Citrus Sparkler using MONIN’s Orange Fruitmix! Give the recipe a go!

Ingredients :
30ml MONIN Orange Fruitmix
50ml Pineapple Juice
Soda Water
1 slice Orange
1 nos Rosemary

Preparation :
Pour all ingredients into a shaker and fill with ice. Shake until well mixed and transfer ingredients
into a glass. Insert orange slice and top up with soda water slowly to create layers. Garnish with
freshly shaved fresh orange peel and rosemary.

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Contest Mechanics

  1. The 16 selected participants will be sent a MONIN Starter Kit worth RM400.
  2. Participants are required to develop a recipe and post a photo/video of the beverage creatively on their own personal instagram page. Recipes must be clearly stated with a beverage name, recipe breakdown (Ingredients and preparation technique). Example above.
  3. Photos and videos posted must include ONE MONIN PRODUCT in the photo/video/graphics.
  4. Compulsory to use at least ONE MONIN PRODUCT in the beverage recipe. (All flavours and range are applicable)
  5. Participants are allowed to use any other mixers and garnish than the ones provided in the box but are not allowed to use any direct competitor brands that are related to MONIN.
  6. Hot, Cold, Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic recipes are accepted.
  7. Recipes can be served in any type of ceramics and glassware, preferably glass – for better visualisation of the beverage.
  8. All participants are required to post their photo/video and recipe before 15 November 2021 at 23.59pm (GMT+8 Malaysian Time)

Contest Submission

  1. The final result of the beverage must be posted on the participants Instagram profile and
    account registered with the organisers.
  2. Post must include the following below :
    • Image / Video
    • Recipe Breakdown (Ingredients & Preparation Technique)
    • Accurate or close approximate measurement of ingredients.
    • Compulsory Tags and Hashtags
  3. All posts must be made public.
  4. Alteration of recipes must be pre-informed if any is made.
  5. Recipe submissions must include full ingredient list, measurements, preparation technique
    and garnish (optional).
    Participants are required to tag the following accounts upon posting :
    @dankoffcoffeespecialist @monin_asia
    Participants are required to hashtag the following :

#moninhomemixcontest #homemix #monin #moninasia #moninmalaysia #dankoffcoffeespecialist #moninathome #moninspiring


  1. Participants will be judged based on 3 key aspects and all recipes will be re-created by our team of judges and scored accordingly.
  2. The participants with the most likes on their post will win the Voter’s Choice Award.
  3. Participants with the most likes on their post will not necessarily win the contest – as judges will evaluate the recipe accordingly.


1st Prize
RM1,500 in cash
MONIN products & other goodies

2nd Prize
RM700 in cash
MONIN products & other goodies

3rd Prize
RM300 in cash
MONIN products & other goodies

Voter’s Choice
RM150 in cash
MONIN products

Terms & Conditions

  1. The contest is open to individuals residing in Malaysia and open to both industry professionals and general consumers.
  2. Participation is free but all registrations are subject to pre-registration evaluation.
  3. The contest is only open to 16 participants only.
  4. All interested participants are required to register at to register as a participant in this contest.
  5. Participants are required to register all necessary details required in the form and provide us with a short slogan in less than 50 words of why you would like to join the contest.
  6. Participants must have an active public instagram profile.
  7. Upon your registration, the organisers will then shortlist 16 individuals for participation in the contest.
  8. Winners will be announced on our social media channels on the 30 November 2021 and contacted respectively.
  9. Dankoff Coffee Specialist reserves the right to void any registrations or disqualify any entries.

If you’re interested to be a participant, register here now.
We look forward to seeing all your creative recipes on Instagram!

If you have any inquiries or need more information, get in touch with the specialists from Dankoff below:

Zhou Chern Wong
Marketing Manager (Dankoff Coffee Specialist)
+6012 7006242 or

Boyd Yap Moon Kit
Lead Trainer (Dankoff Coffee Specialist)
+6016 3319387 or

Wataru Inagaki
Trainer & Mixologist (Dankoff Coffee Specialist)
+6010 2859214 or

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