Stay Active with Lavazza and Win Awesome Wellness Prizes!

Coffee and exercise pretty much go together like Netflix and chill. They’re good on their own, but they serve up a little something extra when they’re together. Lots of studies suggest that coffee can give your workout a boost if you drink it about an hour before you hit the gym. 

With Lavazza, you can expect a lovely cuppa joe with a rich flavour that’s full of body, intense and very aromatic, a perfect kickstarter for your pre-workout to start your day!

Drink Lavazza & Win

What’s more awesome than staying active while sipping on your favourite cuppa from Lavazza? A chance to WIN awesome prizes of course! 

Enjoy a cup of Lavazza coffee at participating retail outlets from 1 Oct till 30 Nov to stand a chance to WIN attractive wellness prizes up to RM10,500!

Each cup of coffee purchased is equivalent to 1-entry, multiple purchase in a single receipt will entitle you to more contest entries! Please note that each unique receipt can only be submitted by a single participant. (No sharing of receipts per entry)

Awesome Prizes That Are Up for Grabs

How to Join

For more info on Lavazza Wellness Campaign 2022, visit

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