Cafe Culture Sttoke Ceramic Mug

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Brand: Sttoke

Imagine this: Rebates for every takeaway coffee, a sip at the perfect temperature, all from a magnetic blue mug that's as stylish as it is functional! 😎

🌍 Sustainability Meets Style:

Join the global movement towards sustainability with every sip of your favourite brew in our chic stainless-steel magnetic blue mug. Matte finish, chic design – it's not just functional; it's a fashion statement. Sip in style wherever you go!

Personalised Perfection:

Make it yours! Personalise your mug with your name or Instagram handle. Your daily brew just became a unique expression of your style.

Every Sip, Like Your First:

Elevate your takeaway coffee experience with the German Engineered food-safe Greblon® Ceramic lining. Keep your brew hot for 3 hours or refreshingly cold for 6 hours. It's the sip that never loses its magic!

🌟 Join the Café Culture x Sttoke Mug Community:

As a proud owner of the Café Culture x Sttoke Reusable Ceramic Mug, you're in for a treat!

Rebates Galore: Enjoy rebates at our partner cafes every time you indulge in a takeaway coffee with your mug.

Exclusive Deals: Unlock one-off deals at our partner cafes, just because you're part of the Café Culture x Sttoke community.

🎁 Periodic Promotions: Dive into exclusive promotions periodically offered by partner cafes – extra perks for being a mug owner!

🌿 Sip Smart, Save Big:

Make a positive impact on the environment and your wallet simultaneously. Sustainability never tasted so good!

See all rebates and deals here:

🚀 Ready to Join the Movement?

Elevate your coffee experience, be a trendsetter, and relish the perks of the Café Culture x Sttoke Reusable Ceramic Mug.

FREE delivery nationwide!

Coffee on-the-go never looked this good!

We are partnering with cafes around Klang Valley (and soon, nationwide) to give you special rebates when you bring your Cafe Culture x Sttoke mug for takeaway coffee!

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