Good Food Hunting With Oatside’s Breakfast Trail Across the Nation

Have you heard? Your breakfast just got 10x better with OATSIDE Breakfast Trail!

Creamier and maltier than any plant-based milk that you have tried, enjoy the all new limited-time breakfast menu items served with OATSIDE 100% plant-based oat milk at specially curated cafes/ restaurants across Johor Bahru, Klang Valley, and Penang. That’s not all, stand a chance to win a 3-month supply of OATSIDE oat milk while you are at it! It’s only available for a limited time only from October 11th to November 6th.

The OATSIDE Breakfast Trail will see participating cafes creating their own mix of hearty savoury and sweet breakfast items incorporating OATSIDE’s creamy, balanced, and malty oat milk into the mix for a healthier, more sustainable start to the day. Some of the popular hang out spots for coffee lovers and brunch seekers include: 28 Fireplace, Feebay.Co, Hani Eatery, Story of Ono, 103 Coffee Roaster, VCR Bakehouse, VCR Bangsar, Fine Coffee & Flower, Scoby Cafe, V88 Cafe & Bar in Klang Valley; McCallum Coffee Roaster and Frank Laurent Coffee Roaster in Penang; and Content Grain Bowl JB, Shaka by Poke Twins, Signature by Nosh and The Starter Cafe in Johor Bahru.

Winner of two World Latte Art competitions and founder of 103 Coffee, Irvine Quek says, “As a coffee maker as well as a coffee lover. A cup of oat latte to start my day is a must. And what I love about OATSIDE is not just how well it blends with high-grade specialty coffee but for me, the coffee that I love directly reflects my love for fashion. Consuming coffee without feelings and imagination is just too boring. What OATSIDE provide to me is purely fashionable and satisfying. Additionally , good for making latte art”

“Amongst the coffee lovers in KL, VCR is known for its specialty coffee offerings. We are meticulous in crafting our coffee beverages, and are always looking to expand our alternative milk offerings. One factor in our delibera tion is the environmental sustainability of the ingredient, and OATSIDE meets that while being delicious to boot.” says Andrew Lee, founder and owner of VCR.

“We love the idea of starting your day on the bright side of life; and there’s no better way than a good breakfast that not only tastes delicious and is good for you and the environment,” said Jessie Chuah, Country Manager for Oatside Malaysia. “We are excited to be collaborating with some of the country’s top- drawer cafes offering unique and innovative breakfast pairings with OATSIDE’s oat milk—truly worth waking up for.”

OATSIDE Giveaway!

Besides satiating appetites with tasty exclusive new items, OATSIDE will also be launching a social media contest, in which 10 winners will stand a chance to win a 3-month supply of OATSIDE consisting of 3 carton of OATSIDE Barista Blend and OATSIDE Chocolate Blend.

How to Join

To enter, simply pick up a physical copy of the OATSIDE Breakfast Trail passport at any of the participating cafes. Next, customers will receive a stamp with the purchase of the OATSIDE Breakfast Trail item from each participating cafe location.

Once a minimum of 8 stamps have been collected from various locations, customers simply need to upload a photo of their passport as an IG story or IG post with the hashtag #OATSIDEBreakfastTrail @Oatside to stand a chance to win. Winners will be announced via OATSIDE Official Instagram. OAT-STANDING OVATION

While oat milk in general is the more environmentally-friendly milk of choice requiring much less significant land use compared to dairy, OATSIDE takes it up another notch by being lactose – free, using clean labels, and only using real ingredients such as Rainforest Alliance certified cacao beans and hazelnuts, which are responsibly sourced, and meet rigorous environmental and social standards.

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