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Crazy Healthy Matcha in Klang Valley!

The benefits of matcha has been touted for years from promoting heart health to helping with weight loss. But most importantly, it tastes so delicious! No wonder it’s such a popular drink which has also been made into all sorts of pastries and desserts.

We’ve compiled a list of cafes in Klang Valley serving matcha goodness!

Matcha specialty cafes 

Matcha drinks

Coffee + Matcha at Pause Cafe

Chocolate + Matcha at Baro Cafe

Iced Matcha Latte at The Good Batch

Yuri Green Tea with a shot of special house blend at Meet Joe

Green Tea latte with overnight oats at Kettlebell

Houjica Latte with soy milk at RGB Coffee. Although we know Houjica and Matcha are different, we thought it should get a mention here nevertheless!

Cold Brew Matcha at Yellow Brick Road Cafe

Matcha Latte at 95 Degrés Art Cafe

Matcha baked goods

Matcha French Butter Loaf at That Last Bite

Matcha Cookies, Loaf, and Croissant at Flakes

Matcha Cakes at Mei by Fat Spoon

Matcha Butter Marble Loaf at Wizards at Tribeca

Matcha Butter Cake at Kohi Yatta

Matcha Red Bean Loaf Cake made with Tsubaki Matcha at Ground Eatery

Matcha desserts 

Matcha Kakigori at Souffle Dessert Cafe

Uji Matcha Gelato at Whimsical Gelato

Matcha Lava cake at Wild Sheep Chase

Hope you’ve enjoyed this yummy list! If you know of a cafe we’ve missed out on, let us know in the comment and we’ll add them to it!

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